Jianny Kechriotis & Lizette Founders

Freequency footwear

My love for shoes began during my teenage years when I spent time with my grandfather, who was a cobbler in a village on the island of Northern Evia in Greece.

Although my father pursued a different career path as a carpenter and cafe owner in South Africa, he eventually returned to cobbling in Greece. It was during this time that I developed a passion for shoes.

My father and I traveled to villages throughout Greece in a van, providing footwear to housewives and women who lacked access to shoe stores in bigger cities. I recall the excitement these women felt when we arrived at each village square with their ordered shoes and the latest seasonal collections.

As an adult, I explored various trades in South Africa, but I could never find the same level of happiness and satisfaction that I experienced while bringing joy to women in Greek villages.

Eventually, I had the opportunity to return to my passion. In 2005, my wife Lizette and I established Frequency Footwear, sharing a vision for high-quality footwear that delivers both comfort and unique styling from European manufacturers to clients across South Africa.

Our joy comes from building personal relationships with our clients and loyal followers. In the age of eCommerce, it’s challenging to replicate this experience for new clients digitally. However, I pledge to provide the same level of quality service and experience as our in-store clients have grown accustomed to. It is our hope that you, too, will feel the joy and excitement that comes with receiving your new pair of shoes from Frequency Footwear

Please email me at Jianny@freequency.co.za

Jianny Kechriotis

Managing Director

Freequency footwear