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Freequency footwear is a boutique shoe store that Retails a unique brand of shoes for ladies and Gents We focus on artistic flair and exotic styling our promise is to offer footwear that is different without compromising the quality and comfort  of our shoes currently we have 2 stores one in Johannesburg and the other in Pretoria

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Jianny Kechriotis & Lizette Founders

Freequency footwear

My passion for Shoes started a very long time ago when I was a teenager. My grandfather was a cobbler at his village situated in Northern Evia an island  situated in Greece.

Although my father became a carpenter and a Cafe owner in South Africa for a long period , at some stage of his life he went back to been a cobbler in Greece and that’s when I fell in love with shoes .

My father and I used to visit the Villages in Greece in a Van  bringing  footwear to the ladies and housewives as they didn’t have regular opportunity’s to go to the big cities to purchase  shoe’s.

I remember the anticipation of the ladies that used to wait for us to arrive at each village square with shoes that they had ordered and to see the latest collections  we brought  for the season.

Although my work as an adult took me to experience a variety of trades in South Africa I could never find that same level of happiness and satisfaction that I got from bringing joy to the ladies at the villages in Greece.

Until I had the opportunity to get back to my passion.

That’s when Freequency footwear was born  in 2005 together with my wife Lizette sharing the same vision for quality footwear we have been satisfying ladies and Gent’s all over South Africa bringing comfort and unique styling from European manufacturers for all these years.

Our Joy comes from the personal relationship that we have managed to build over the years with our clients and loyal followers.

In this new dispensation of eCommerce that we find ourselves in its challenging to give the same experience to new clients in the digital format however I would like to promise you that I will strive to give you the same experience and quality service that my clients have been accustomed to at my stores, and hope to make you feel the joy and excitement from receiving your new pair of shoes from Freequency footwear

If we haven’t lived up to your expectations and promises

Please email me at Jianny@freequency.co.za

Jianny Kechriotis

Managing Director

Freequency footwear